Video Game Expertise

The video game and mobile app industries have exploded in size over the past several years and only shows signs of picking up as technology continues to improve at a rapid pace; the demand for top talent in these industries has never been higher than it is now.  Working with both major publishers/developers as well as independent companies and startups means that we have built solid relationships with the best talent across all facets of these industries and are uniquely placed to help your team achieve its goals.

Positions we routinely place in video games and mobile apps:

Directors of Software Engineering, Senior and Mid-level Programmers (iOS, Android, Unity, Unreal, etc.), Generalist and Specialist Programmers, Art Directors, 3D and 2D Artists, Animators, Design Directors, Senior and Mid-level Designers, Studio Directors, Senior and Associate Producers, as well as Business Personnel such as Office Managers and Business Development Specialists