Retail and E-Commerce and E-Commerce Expertise

Retail and E-Commerce and E-Commerce:

The retail industry is one of the largest and most well known in the world.  This fact is cemented by the $4.7 trillion in sales produced in 2011.  With companies specializing in a wide array of activities such as: household goods, pet supplies, fashion and clothing, and much more, there is always a demand for qualified professionals.  We work with many of the largest and most well-known retailers from across the world, and here at The Newell Group we have the experience, expertise, and contacts to supply the talent that today's retailers need to stay ahead of the curve.

Positions we routinely place in retail: 

C-level Executives, Senior Level Merchants, Senior Level Marketers, Senior Level Planners & Allocators, General, Regional, and District Managers, as well as Human Resources, Field Operations, Buyers, Warehousing & Distribution, Loss Prevention Specialists, and Real Estate/Construction/Store Design professionals.